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Identifying the author of an entry
Identifying the author of an entry
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When you do anything that results in new entries on the CD register, it is a regulatory requirement to identify the author of the entry. This applies to the following functions:

Normally there will be a field titled "Entered by". If you haven't set up any staff members before, you'll just see a button to allow you to create your first member of staff.

Click this, and enter your details in the popover that appears:

Press "Save" when you're done to close the window and create the staff record.

Next time you're making an entry, you'll be able to select yourself from the list. Typing the first few characters of your name or registration number can help you find your record faster.

Now you don't have to type all your details out again!

Note: Some users were using the free-type version of the "Entered by" field to add annotations. Use the annotations function for this instead.

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