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Adding a Correction to your CD Register
Adding a Correction to your CD Register
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Sometimes you may need to make corrections to your CD register.

Firstly make sure that you're on the drugs screen on your CD register by clicking the button in the menu shown below.

If the drug you wish to make a correction for isn't visible straight away you can scroll down to it or begin typing the drug name into the "Filter drugs by name or form" box. Clara will filter your list of added drugs as you type. Once you see the one you are going to make a correction for click on it.

If you still can't find the drug after searching for it you may not have added or transferred it across from your old register. In this case please follow the steps detailed in this article first.

After selecting your drug, on the right side of the screen click the "Add entry" button. From there click "Correction" from the dropdown menu.

Once you've clicked on "Correction" in the dropdown, you'll be greeted with the screen below:

Here you can enter the details of the correction, starting with the date. Clara defaults to today's date, but you can enter a different date manually e.g. if you found extra stock the previous day.

After entering the date you'll enter the new balance.

Note: This is the total balance, not just the amount you are adding.

Below where you've entered the new balance Clara will tell you what the correction amount is. Once you've entered the date you'll need to enter the reason for correction e.g. "Found pack on the wrong shelf".

Then, to finish the entry off, identify yourself in the "Entered by" field more details here and click Save.

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