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Booking in stock to your CD register
Booking in stock to your CD register
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Firstly make sure that you're on the drugs screen on your CD register by clicking the button in the menu shown below.

If the drug you wish to Book in stock for isn't visible on your CD Register screen straight away you can scroll down to it or begin typing the drug name into the "Filter drugs by name or form" box. Clara will filter your list of added drugs as you type. Once you see the one you are going to Book in stock for click on it.

If you still can't find the drug after searching for it you may not have added or transferred it across from your old register. In this case please follow the steps detailed in this article first.

After selecting your drug. On the right side of the screen click the "Add entry" button, from there click "Book in stock" from the dropdown menu.

Once you've clicked on "Book in stock" in the dropdown, you'll be greeted with the screen below:

Setting the date

The first thing you'll want to do is enter the date the stock was received. By default, Clara sets this to today's date.


Adding a new supplier

The first time you book in stock from a supplier through Clara you will need to enter their supplier information.

If you have not booked in stock from this supplier before, you will need to enter their details.

Type the Supplier's business name into the Supplier box and click on "add" in the dropdown that appears.

Once you have clicked this another box will appear for you to enter the supplier's business address.

Using an existing supplier

If you have booked in stock for a supplier before, simply start typing their name and select the correct one from the dropdown.

Drug quantity

After either selecting a supplier or adding a new one you'll then enter the quantity of the drug you've selected you received from them.

Without expiry dates

If you haven't previously entered expiry date information for this drug you won't be able to add it while booking in stock. Simply enter the quantity of the drug you have received.

With expiry dates

If you have previously entered expiry date information for the selected drug during a stock check, you can add this information for your new stock now.

If the stock that you are booking in has multiple expiry dates, click on "+ Add another expiry date" to show additional rows of boxes to add more dates.

Finishing the entry

Next, you should identify yourself in the "Entered by" field to ensure the entry is accountable find out more here.

Finally, if you would like, you can also enter the invoice number for the delivery, though this is optional.

Once all of the above has been done, click the Save button and the entry is complete.

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