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Adding annotations to your CD Register
Adding annotations to your CD Register
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It's possible to add annotations to your CD Register using Clara.

Firstly make sure that you're on the drugs screen on your CD register by clicking the button in the menu shown below.

If the drug you're going to add an annotation for isn't visible in your CD register straight away you can scroll down to it or begin typing the drug name into the "Filter drugs by name or form" box. Clara will filter your list of added drugs as you type. Once you see the one you're going to add an annotation for click on it.

If you still can't find the drug after searching for it you may not have added or transferred it across from your old register. In this case please follow the steps detailed in this article first.

After clicking on the drug you'll see the screen with each of the entries for it.

Adding the annotation

To add an annotation to this entry simply click on it. Once you have you'll be greeted with the following screen:

When you are on this screen, just type the reason for the annotation in the "Add an annotation" box.

Note: Pressing `enter` will save the annotation, use `shift+enter` to add a new line.

Once you have entered the annotation the Save button at the bottom will change from grey to green.

When you press the "Save button the screen will update to show your annotation under the entry.

Note: You can add multiple annotations using the same process.

Once an annotation has been added you'll be able to see it on the entry in your CD Register for that drug.

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