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Recording a Controlled Drug supply
Recording a Controlled Drug supply
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Supplying a drug using Clara is very straightforward and time-efficient.

Firstly make sure that you're on the Registers screen on your CD register by clicking the Registers option, under CD Register, in the menu on the left.

If the drug you wish to supply isn't visible straight away, you can scroll down to it or begin typing the drug name into the "Filter drugs by name or form" box. Clara will filter your list of added drugs as you type; once you see the one you wish to supply, click on it.

If you still can't find the drug after searching for it, you may not have added or transferred it across from your old register. In this case please follow the steps detailed in this article first.

After clicking on the drug, on the right side of the screen, click on the "Add entry" button and select "Supply" from the dropdown menu.

Check that you have selected the correct drug and form, and then enter the date you are supplying the drug. By default, Clara will have entered today's date.

Patient Details

New Patient

If you're supplying to a new patient or one that you haven't already supplied to using Clara, type their name into the Patient box and click Add at the bottom of the menu that drops down. Doing so will give you the popover you see below.

The only mandatory information is the Patient’s name and address.


If you are issuing a veterinary CD prescription, you can check the “Animal” box. Doing so will enable you to enter the owner’s details.

Address search

Clara utilises an intelligent address search. If you start typing the patient’s address or postcode into the “Search for an address” box, Clara will show a dropdown with matching results. Choosing one from the list will automatically fill in the boxes below.

If you can’t find their address, you can fill this in manually.

Date of birth

To increase clinical safety, giving you another reference to make sure you've selected the correct patient.

This will be shown whenever you search for a patient in Clara.

Email address

If you'd like to be able to contact them about appointments, or otherwise, you can enter their email address.

If you have set up your myClara once you've entered their email address you'll have the option to invite them to create their myClara account.

When you invite the patient to myClara they'll receive an email similar to this one.

Mobile phone number

As with the email address, if you'd like to store their contact details for the future or for contacting them about appointments you can enter their mobile number.

Existing Patient

If you have already supplied a drug to this patient, using Clara, or have added them in the Patient Management section when you begin typing their name Clara will suggest them to you. You will also see their address under their name to allow you to differentiate between multiple patients with the same name. You can use the up and down arrow keys to select items from the list.

|| If you accidentally click the Add button rather than selecting the patient, don't panic. Simply click the text above their name that says "Search Again" and re-enter their name.

Prescriber Information

Adding a new prescriber

If you have not supplied any drug through Clara for this prescriber, the process is the same as adding a new patient.

Type their name into the "Prescriber's name" box, press Add on the dropdown, then type the Prescriber's address in the box that appears.

Searching for a prescriber

Just like searching for the patient information, when you start to type the prescriber’s name into the "Search for prescriber" box, Clara will suggest saved prescribers based on what you have entered.

Setting prescriber as default

Underneath the prescriber's details, you will see a checkbox with the text "Make this the default prescriber for this patient". If you know that this will be the usual prescriber for this patient, you can check this box, which will cause the prescriber to be automatically selected the next time you choose this patient.

Already set as default

If you have supplied the patient before and checked the "Make this the default prescriber for the selected patient" box, Clara will fill this out for you.

In this case, all you need to do is check that it is the correct prescriber and continue to the next step. If you want to choose a different prescriber, for example, if the patient has moved to a different GP, you can click on the prescriber details to select a different one. If you want to update the default to this new prescriber, simply select the checkbox again.

Note: Remember to check that this is the correct prescriber for the current prescription.

Drug Collection Information

At this step, you're able to choose who is picking up the CD.

Patient Collection

By default, Clara selects "Patient". If they are picking it up themselves, then you can move on to the next step.

Delivery Driver

If you are delivering the drug to the patient, then this is the option you'll select. When you choose "Delivery driver" for the first time, a box will appear where you can input their name.

If you have already entered a delivery driver before, Clara will suggest them to you to save you typing their name repeatedly.

If your delivery driver hasn't already been added, click the "+" next to the suggested name and type their name in the box that appears below.

Healthcare Professional

If a healthcare professional is picking the drug up on the patien's behalf you can enter the details here.

If the healthcare professional has collected a CD before, begin typing their name and you should see their name and address in the dropdown.

If they have not collected a drug before, simply click on the "Add" button at the bottom of the dropdown and fill in their details on the popover that appears.

Once the details are complete, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the popover. This will return you to creating the entry and will have the healthcare professional selected as the person collecting.

Other Collection

If a representative of the patient collected the drug, select the "Other" option and enter their details there.

ID Details

Here you can select and log whether the person collecting was:

  • Asked for their ID

  • Was able to present their ID when it was requested

This information will be saved in the CD register entry and will be available to be viewed.

Finishing up the entry

The last steps are easy:

  • Enter the amount you supplied in the "Quantity" box

  • Identify yourself in the "Entered by" field to ensure the entry is accountable (find out more here)

Click the "Save" button, and that's you done. The entry is made.

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