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Adding a Destruction to your CD Register
Adding a Destruction to your CD Register

How to add destructions and authorised witness details

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Sometimes you'll need to add Destructions on your Controlled Drug register; Clara keeps this simple.

Firstly, click Destructions in the CD Register menu.

Then click the "Add destruction" button on the top right. You'll see the screen below:

Automatically added

If you have any drugs marked as expired or out of date, you'll see that Clara has automatically added them to this list.

The stock marked as expired will appear as shown above. If more is expired than marked as expired on your register, you can adjust that by increasing the number in the "Expired stock being destroyed" box.

If you're destroying non-expired stock from your register, type the quantity into the "Non-expired stock being destroyed" box.

Tracked expiry dates

If you have entered expiry dates for any CDs and those have expired, you'll see something similar to below.

As with above, if the amount of drug being destroyed with the expiry date(s) shown is different, you can adjust it here.

Note: If you reduce the amount, your register will still show the remaining stock at that expiry date.

Additional drugs

If there are additional drugs you wish to add destructions for, you will need to search for them. When you start typing the name of the drug in the "Search for a drug" box, Clara will auto-suggest the matching drugs from your registers.

Once you've selected your drug, you'll see the following options:

As with automatically added drugs, you can optionally add an annotation at this point. Then type the quantity of the drug to be destroyed in the box below.

Identify yourself in the "Entered by" field to ensure the entry is accountable, ([find out more here](/en/article/identifying-the-author-of-an-entry-jwjeru/)).

If this destruction needs to be witnessed, proceed to the following section. Otherwise, click Save.

Witness details

With Clara, it is easy to add the details of an authorised witness. Click the “Add witness details” button. Doing so will bring up the popover below.

Inspector/authorised witness email

The inspector will enter their email address here.

Inspector not registered

If the inspector hasn't registered with Clara already, they'll see the popover below.

Here they will add the following details:

  • Name - Here, you’ll enter the witness’ name.

  • Job title (optional) - You can choose to record the witness' job title, e.g. CD Inspector.

  • Organisation (optional) - In this box, you will fill in the organisation that the witness works for, e.g. NHS.

After filling in these details and clicking "Okay", the inspector will get an email and will need to follow the Inspector email workflow after the entry is saved.

Inspector registered

If the inspector has already registered, they'll see the popover below.

Here they can choose whether to follow the Inspector email workflow by choosing "Email me a secure verification link".

Or, if they're comfortable entering their password, they can click "Verify now with my password" they will have the option to enter their password and verify the entry immediately.

Inspector email workflow

Once the destruction is saved, the witness will receive an email similar to the one below, to the email address specified:

Clicking on the link in the email will take them to a page similar to the one below, detailing the drug destructions and allowing them to verify them.

Note: If the inspector supplies their password, the email verification step is skipped, and the destruction is marked verified straight away

Unverified entry

If you filled in the email address for the witness, but they have not yet verified the entry, it will display as shown below.

Verified entry

When the inspector completes the Inspector workflow, the entry will be marked as verified.

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