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Adding an appointment to your calendar
Adding an appointment to your calendar
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This guide will assume that you have already set up your appointments module and added some services to it.

First, you'll want to select the Appointments option from the menu, once clicked you should see your entire calendar, like the one below.

If you then click (or click and drag) on the calendar you can select a block of time. Doing will cause a menu to pop up.

Note: You can also click the "New" button at the top right side of the calendar to pop up the same menu.

Setting the appointment type

To book an appointment select one of your services. From this menu, you can also adjust your availability.

After selecting a service, your screen should change to the "New appointment" page.

Note: If you have selected the wrong appointment type in the previous menu, you can click on the appointment type on this screen to select a different one from the dropdown list.

Setting the appointment time

If you clicked on the calendar but selected the wrong time, you can click on it now to change it. When you do that, or if you clicked the "New" button to create the appointment, you'll see the time picker like below.

This will show you all the available time slots in your current availability.

Assigning the appointment to the patient

Once you have selected the appointment type and the time, you then need to add the patient details.

New patient

If this is a new patient, click "Add" at the bottom of the dropdown. You will then see the following popover.

There are only two mandatory fields when creating the patient.


If you typed their full name, this field should already be populated if you typed the patient's name before clicking add.

Otherwise, you will need to fill in the patient's full name.


Here you can use the address search to enter the patient's home address. Simply start typing their address and the address search should intelligently suggest options. When you see the correct one, select it from the dropdown.

Optionally, you can fill in the address manually using the boxes below the search.

Additionally, you can now choose to fill in the Optional information discussed below.

Existing patient

If the patient is already registered at your branch, simply start typing their name into the Patient box and select them from the dropdown that appears.

Optional information

Email Address

Note: If you are booking the patient in for a video appointment, entering their email address is required.

If you have previously filled in an email address for this patient, or they have filled it in themselves (e.g. registered for myClara), Clara will autofill this box with the previously entered email address.

Note: If the patient has signed up for myClara you will not be able to edit their email address.

This can be useful if you need to remind the patient of the appointment, or to notify them of any changes or updates to it.

Date of birth

Adding the date of birth of the patient is optional, but may give you more information during the appointment and save you asking them for it.

This will be auto-filled if either you or the patient have filled it in previously. (see our guide for editing a patient's details)

Mobile phone number

Note: If you are booking the patient in for a phone appointment, entering their mobile phone number is required.

While optional, other than for phone appointments, this one is recommended as it will allow you to easily contact the patient.


The final section of booking a patient is for optional notes relating to the patient. E.g. They're coming in for travel vaccines and you want to make a note of where they're going and what the suggested vaccines are for that country, so you can refer to it before/during the appointment.

The saved appointment

Once you have entered all the optional and required information, click the "Save" button at the bottom. This will save the appointment in your diary.

The saved appointment will then show up on your diary similar to as shown below.

The icon in the top right of the appointment dictates the appointment method. in this case, an in-person appointment has been selected.

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