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Editing a saved patient's details
Editing a saved patient's details
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If someone has moved, changed name or there's another reason for you to edit patient details. With Clara it's easy.

Firstly, you'll need to find the patient in your register. If you're unsure how to do that, follow this guide.

Once you are on the page for the patient's details, in the top right corner click the edit button.

After clicking the edit button you'll be able to change any of the details for a patient.

Inviting them to myClara

A lot of the fields are optional. However, if you have set up myClara and would like to invite the patient to use the features you can invite them from here.

When you enter their email address into the Email address section a checkbox will appear below. Note that you will only see this checkbox if you have set up one of the myClara modules, e.g. appointments or prescriptions.

Simply check this box and click save. Once the details have been saved an email will be sent to that account inviting them to create a password for their myClara account.

When you invite a patient to myClara they'll receive an email similar to the one below.

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