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Updating your availability
Updating your availability

Add availability or block time off. Make appointments unavailable whilst you're on holiday.

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There are two ways to update your availability in your appointments module.

Default availability

Changing your default availability changes it for the entire diary going forward. If you'd like to make a temporary, or one-off change you will need to use the "One-time updates" method described farther down.

To update your default availability, first, click "Appointments" in the menu.

From here you should see your entire calendar. If you don't and see something similar to the image below, please follow this guide to set up your appointments module.

If you do see your full calendar, in the top right of your calendar click the "..." button then select "Configure diaries" from the menu.

After this, the screen should change to look similar to the one below.

Click on the diary that you wish to update your default availability for.

Once you are on the diary configuration, scroll down until you see the availability options.

On the availability table, you can click on one of your entered timeslots to edit it. An example is highlighted in pink below.

After clicking on this a menu will pop up. On this menu, you can adjust the timings of the selected block of availability.

Note: If two availability blocks overlap, Clara will combine them e.g. If you add availability from 09:00-12:00 then add 11:30-13:00 separately, Clara will combine them both to a single block of 09:00-13:00

Once you have edited the block, click the save button and you should see the change applied in the table.

One-time updates

It is also possible to update the calendar for a single instance, whether that's adding or blocking out availability. These changes are solely for the times and dates you select. If you want to change the availability of the diary as a whole you will need to use the method described above.

To do this, first, click "Appointments" in the menu.

From here you should see your entire calendar. Like the image below.

If you then click (or click and drag) on the calendar you can select a block of time. Doing will cause a menu to pop up.

To block out availability for the selected time, click on the "Block time off" option.

To add to your availability choose the "Add availability" option.

Once you've clicked this the menu will change to ask for more details.

Note: This guide uses blocking time off as an example. However, the process is the same for adding availability, except there is no "All day" checkbox.

If you clicked and dragged on the calendar, you shouldn't need to change the times or dates but you should double-check them to make sure they're correct.

If you didn't click and drag you can adjust the times to what you need here. When you click on the "Date" box a calendar will pop up, allowing you to choose accurately which date you mean.

When blocking off time you can select the "All day" checkbox to block out the entire day.

This option allows you to book off either a single day or multiple days. By default, Clara will only block out the selected day. However, clicking on the "Until" date box will pop up the same calendar as before and allow you to change the end date.

Once everything looks correct, click the "Save button" at the bottom and your calendar will update to show your changed availability.

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