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Learn how to use the RxWeb integration to speed up making entries in your electronic CD register.

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Speed up your electronic CD register entries with the RxWeb integration.

Initial setup

Before you can use the integration, you will need to make sure that your PMR provider is set correctly in Clara. You can do this by following this guide.

Generating the correct report

Other than setting your PMR provider to RxWeb the integration requires no setup.

The first step to using it is to click on "Reporting" on the menu at the top of the RxWeb screen and then "Open Reporting".

From here you will choose "Prescription" from the "Report type" dropdown and "CDs dispensed" from the "Report" dropdown.

Reporting screen within RxWeb. Showing the correct report type for using the Clara integration

You can also choose the To-From date on the right side of that screen.

Finally, click the "Copy Report to Clipboard" button.

Note: The report may contain dispenses other than just Schedule 2 CDs, these should automatically be filtered out by Clara at the time of import.

Importing into Clara

The next step will be going to Clara, then from the menu on the left side clicking on "Pending entries" under the "Registers" heading.

This should bring up a screen similar to the one below.

From here click the "Import from RxWeb" button.

If it has been over a certain amount of time since you clicked the "Copy Report to Clipboard" button in RxWeb, you may see a popover similar to below.

Otherwise, Clara should automatically pick up all the entries and show you a summary.

This example shows a single entry. If you have multiple, click the "Next" and "Previous" buttons at the top of the popover to navigate through the entries.

Once you are satisfied that everything looks correct, click the "Import" button.

Pending entries

This "Import" button will create all the pending entries, adding them to the queue to be processed into the register.

Simply click on the pending entry to review it for entering into the register. The page looks almost identical to the regular supply page, but this one tells you how the drug was labelled in the PMR. You should double-check that the register it will go into has been correctly selected. If Clara was unable to automatically select a register, you will need to select the correct one using the "Drug" dropdown.

See our Integration drug matching article for more details.

Now all you need to do is double-check that all the details are correct, choose the collection details, pick your name from the "Entered by" dropdown, and click "Save".

Note: Clara never makes entries in the CD registers without your input. As the professional, you need to have the opportunity to sign off on each entry.

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