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Integration drug matching
Integration drug matching
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Choosing a drug for a pending entry

Whenever a dispensed drug first comes through to Clara via the PMR Integration it likely won't have exactly the same name as the CD Register associated with it since many drugs in the PMR contain extra information such as manufacturer/supplier etc.

Therefore the first time you dispense a given CD, Clara will show you how the drug was labelled in the PMR, and allow you to select the register it goes with.

Linking a drug

To link this drug to a register in Clara start typing the name of the drug in the box, Clara will filter the registers you have created in a drop-down allowing you to pick the correct one for this drug.

Note: If you haven't already added a register for this drug you need to do this first.

Already linked

If you've already linked the drug to a register before, that register will be automatically selected for pending entries relating to the same drug:

If you want to change the automatically selected register, you can do so by clicking on the drug and then using the text box to search for the new register.

Clara will give you a warning if you are changing the linked register for a drug, this reduces the likelihood of incorrectly linked registers.

You will have the option to change it for this supply only or to change the drug link for this drug going forward.

Drug link status

To view the status of all PMR drug links, go to the "Pending entries" screen.

From here, next to "Add pending entry" click on the "More" button and select "PMR drug links" from the dropdown.

When a drug has come through using the PMR integration but is not linked to any register, it will appear with a broken chain icon:

To update the link, click on the drug to be taken to the edit screen, shown below:

If you haven't already got a register for this drug, you should create one, being careful not to duplicate registers.

If you have already created the register for this drug start typing the name of the drug register in the "Linked register" box. Clara will filter the dropdown box based on the text you type in the box. Once you see the register in the dropdown box, click on it to select it.

Once you then click "Save" the drug will be linked to that register and now display in the list as Linked.


If a drug has previously been linked from a pending entry it will show up similar to the image below.

Changing a link

If the drug has been linked to an incorrect register, you can change that here. Simply click on the drug, then click on the register under "Linked register" and follow the steps in Linking a drug to link the drug to the correct register.


Drugs can also be marked as blocked, so that pending CD entries will not be created in Clara for dispenses relating to them.

Blocking drugs

If you wish to block dispenses for a particular drug from creating pending entries in Clara you can do so by clicking on it in the "PMR drug links" screen.

This will take you to the link options for this drug. From here, if you click on the checkbox marked "Block this drug" then click save.

Unblocking drugs

If a drug is marked as blocked but you want it to be able to create pending entries again, simply uncheck the box above and click save.

|| This will unblock the drug going forward โ€” it will not show any previously dispenses as pending entries.

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