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Marking a quantity of a CD as expired
Marking a quantity of a CD as expired

How to mark some of your CD Register stock as expired if you're not using the expiry dates option.

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There are two ways to mark a quantity of a drug as expired. The first is through a stock check. The second is to do it manually.

Manually marking stock as expired

To manually mark stock as expired, first, go to the Drugs screen.

From here, choose the drug that you have expired stock of. On the drug entries screen, from the top right, click "Add entry" then choose "Mark quantity as expired" from the dropdown.

This will take you to the "Mark as expired" screen.

Enter the total amount to mark as expired, including any stock already marked as expired.

Once you have done so, identify yourself in the "Entered by" field to ensure the entry is accountable find out more here.

Then click "Save".

The created entry

Once you click "Save" Clara will create an entry similar to the one below.

This entry doesn't adjust the total stock (as shown by the 0 in the green box) but does mark the specified amount of stock as expired.

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