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Positive Solutions Analyst integration
Positive Solutions Analyst integration

Integrate Clara with Positive Solutions Analyst, increase your accuracy and save time writing Controlled Drug entries.

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We've partnered with Positive Solutions to make managing your controlled drugs even easier. If you use their Analyst PMR system you will be able to have controlled drug details transfer across automatically.

Looking to try Clara with the Positive Solutions Analyst integration? Click here.

Setting up for the first time

You need to make a request to Positive Solutions to set up the link between Analyst and Clara. We've made this easy by adding a button in our software to do this. As part of fulfilling this request, they'll need to log in to your pharmacy computer. They'll verify that you have the latest version of the Analyst software, and also enter the integration details into the Analyst settings for you.

To make the request, go to the "Pending entries" tab on the left-hand side, which can be found under the "CD Register" section:

Then click the "Request Analyst integration" button near the top right:

If you don't see the "Request Analyst integration" button, follow this guide first to set up which PMR Clara thinks you have

Fill out your pharmacy details in the form that follows. You will also need to specify a contact name and number that Positive Solutions can speak to in order to get you up and running.

Once you've filled in all the fields, click the "Send to Positive Solutions" button.

Now that you've filled out the request, you'll see that a new integration key has been created for you. For security reasons, rather than giving Positive Solutions your main email address and password, the system generates a username and password just for their use.

You don't need to do anything else now โ€” someone from Positive Solutions support will get in touch with you to complete the integration request.

What Positive Solutions will do

Positive Solutions will copy the integration settings from Clara to Analyst for you. In order to see the integration settings, first, click on "Settings" in the sidebar and then go to the "Integrations" settings page:

Click on the integration key that was generated for you, to be taken to the following screen:

The Positive Solutions support team member should copy these details into the Analyst settings for you. Note that as a security precaution, once the integration starts being used, you won't be able to see the password anymore. If for some reason you need to re-enter the password into Analyst, you can click the "New" button at the top right of the "Integrations" settings page to request a new key:

Pending entries

Now when you dispense controlled drugs in Analyst, they'll appear under the "Pending entries" tab in Clara.

Simply click on the pending entry to review it for entering into the register. The page looks almost identical to the regular supply page, but this one tells you how the drug was labelled in the PMR. You should double-check that the register it will go into has been correctly selected. If Clara was unable to automatically select a register, you will need to select the correct one using the "Drug" dropdown.

See our Integration drug matching article for more details.

Now all you need to do is double-check that all the details are correct, add your initials or registration number, and click "Save".

Note: Clara never makes entries in the CD registers without your input. As the professional, you need to have the opportunity to sign off on each entry.

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