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Adding a patient to Clara
Adding a patient to Clara
Add patients to Clara and invite them to use the myClara app for ordering repeat prescriptions or booking appointments.
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Clara creates a patient automatically for you when you supply a drug to them, create an appointment using the calendar or when they sign up to myClara.

However, you can also do this manually.

Firstly, in the menu select "Patients".

Here you'll see a filterable list of all the patients that you've entered details for into Clara.

On the top right-hand side click the "Add patient" button.

Mandatory information

Once you have clicked this button you'll be greeted with the following options:

You'll see that a few of the fields are optional. However, you need to enter at least the patient's name and their address in the appropriate boxes.

Patient's name

Simply enter the patient's full name in the "Name" box.

Animal patient

If the patient is an animal, after filling in the animal's name, you will need to check the "Animal" box. Doing so will then show an "Owner's name" field underneath. You will need to fill this in as you did with the animal's name.


Start typing the patient's address into the "Search for an address" box. Clara uses an intelligent address search, which should suggest the correct address to you in the dropdown that appears.

If you can't find the patient's address or wish to enter it manually, you can do so using the "Line 1", "Line 2", "Town" and "Postcode" boxes.

Optional information

You can also add some additional information for the patient.

Date of birth

To increase clinical safety, giving you another reference to make sure you've selected the correct patient.

This will be shown whenever you search for a patient in Clara.

Email address

If you'd like to be able to contact them about appointments, or otherwise, you can enter their email address.

If you have set up your myClara once you've entered their email address you'll have the option to invite them to create their myClara account.

When you invite the patient to myClara they'll receive an email similar to this one.

Mobile phone number

As with the email address, if you'd like to store their contact details for the future or for contacting them about appointments you can enter their mobile number.

Finishing it up

Once you've added all the mandatory information and any optional information you'd like. Click the Save button at the bottom and your patient will be added.

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