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Set up your Passenger Locator Number and automatically assign it to specific services you offer.

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To make COVID testing and tracing easier, Clara can generate a Passenger Locator Number for you.

If the Passenger Locator Number functionality is not enabled on your account and you would like to add it or trial it, please contact support and we can enable it for you.

This guide will assume you have already set up your appointments module and are familiar with editing and managing services.


The first step is to go to Settings > Organisation > Details.

At the bottom of this page, you should see the two fields related to the Passenger Locator Number functionality.

Fields to enter your Passenger locator prefix and suffix

Passenger locator prefix

This will be the 5 letter prefix assigned to your organisation.

Passenger locator suffix

If you haven't been previously using another solution for generating your passenger locator numbers then you can leave this blank.

However, if you have been using another solution. Enter the last generated number, or a number greater than that, one to avoid duplication.

Adding the Passenger Locator Number to bookings

To add the Passenger Locator Number to bookings, you will need to enable it for the specific services that require it.

To enable it for that service. First, click on Appointments in the menu.

Then, under the "More" menu item select "Manage Services" and select the service you would like to enable it for.

At the bottom of the options for the service, you should see the following option:

Check this box to enable the generation of a Passenger Locator Number for each booking of this service.

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