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Cancelling or rescheduling appointments
Cancelling or rescheduling appointments

If you need to reschedule or cancel a patient's appointment, you can find out how to do it in this guide.

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If you made a mistake entering an appointment, or need to reschedule or cancel it for any other reason this is simple with Clara.

Finding the appointment

Clara diary calendar

If you have just entered the appointment and know what time you booked it for simply locate the appointment in your calendar and click on it. You can use the arrow buttons (highlighted in pink below) at the top of the calendar to change which week you are looking at.

Your appointment on the calendar should look similar to this.

Click on the appointment and you will be taken to the "Appointment details" page.

Customer details

You can also find the appointment for a specific patient from their patient details page. If you're unsure how to get to this page, follow this guide for finding patients and viewing their details.

Once on the patient details page, if you select Appointments from the menu, you should see a page with any future or past appointments.

Clicking on an appointment will take you to the same "Appointment details" page as mentioned above.

Appointment details page

This is the appointment details page that you will see when you've clicked on an appointment.

From here if you click the "Change or Cancel" button at the top right you will be taken to the screen where you can reschedule or cancel the appointment.

Cancel or reschedule an appointment

Once you've clicked on that button you will be taken to a page similar to below. Note that Clara by default selects cancelling an appointment.

If you are rescheduling an appointment click the "Reschedule appointment" radio button.

Once clicked you will see a list of all the time slots available.

If you have entered an email address for the patient, or they have signed up and booked an appointment through myClara you will be able to enter a reason, which will be sent to their email address when you click "Cancel appointment" or "Save".

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