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How to add controlled drug registers
How to add controlled drug registers

Check here to see how you add drug registers and transfer balances from paper registers.

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Adding drugs to your Electronic CD Register in Clara is simple and straightforward, you can easily carry over the balance from your old register.

Firstly, make sure that you're on the Registers screen on your CD register by clicking the button in the menu shown below.

Clara Menu with Registers highlighted

Click the "Add registers" button at the top right. After clicking this you'll be taken to the screen below.

Your first step will be to ammend the "Comment" to be the reason you are creating the register(s).

Then you will need to either select yourself from the "Entered by" dropdown, or create a new staff member with your details.

You can do this by clicking the "Add new" button at the bottom of the staff list. Upon doing so you will see a menu pop up with the following options:

  • Name - The staff member's name

  • Position - Their position (e.g. Pharmacist, Dispenser, Technician)

  • Registration number - Although optional it is advised that this is entered for any position with one e.g. Pharmacist.

Once filled out the added staff member will automatically be selected, and will be available for future entries.

Using the Drug Search (recommended)

When you begin typing the drug's name into the "Registers" box Clara will suggest matching drugs. Click on one of those to select it.

Note: You may need to be more specific with the name if you cannot find the drug you are looking for.

Once selected skip to Entering the drug balance.

Manually adding a drug

If you can't find the drug listed in the search you can enter the drug manually.

Click the "enter manually" text underneath the search box. You will see a popver like the one below.

Name and strength

Here you will enter the name and strength of the drug, e.g. Durogesic 12mcg/hr.

Class (optional)

Optionally you can enter the class in this box, e.g. Fentanyl.

Form (optional)

The last optional box is where you can enter the form of the drug, e.g. Transdermal patch.

Entering the drug balance

Now it's time to enter the drug balance. If you selected a drug from the dropdown, you should see a popover similar to the one below.

If you were entering the drug manually, your popover will not change and you will continue through the form.

  • Total balance - The current balance of the drug you are creating a CD register for in Clara. This should include any expired stock and prescriptions that are made up but not yet collected.

  • Quantity expired - The quantity of the drug that is expired.

Note: The "Total balance" should include any that is marked as expired, otherwise the quantity will be incorrect.

Once you have filled in these 2 items click "Add" at the bottom of the popover and repeat from Using the Drug Search for each register you want to add.

Once you have added all the registers you want to. Click the "Save" button and your register(s) will be created.

What entries this makes

Upon hitting "Save" you will be taken to your newly added drug. If you transferred a balance over from another register you will see that there is an entry created similar to below:

If you did not transfer a balance, an entry will still be made saying who created the register.

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