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Setting stock check reminders
Setting stock check reminders

Remind you and your staff to check the current stock levels of your Controlled Drug by setting stock check reminders.

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You can tell Clara how often you'd like to perform stock checks, and it will let you know when a stock check is overdue. You can make this setting globally, on specific drugs, or both (the specific drug setting will override the global setting).

Setting the default stock check interval

Click on the "overflow menu" (the 3 dots) on the top right of the drug list page. You'll then see an option for "Stock check interval":

Clicking this will show the options popover:

Here you can set the interval at which you would like stock checks to be considered overdue. You can also disable the feature here if you've previously enabled it.

Setting the stock check interval for a specific drug

You can set the stock check interval for a specific drug too โ€” if you have a default set, setting this option will override it for the specific drug. If you haven't enabled it for all drugs, using this option will enable it just for the specific drug.

You can show the settings popover for this by going to the "overflow menu" (3 dots) on the top right of any drug page:

The settings popover looks much like before:

What happens when a stock check is overdue?

If the number of days since the last stock check for a given drug exceeds the configured stock check interval (either the default or overridden value for that drug), then a warning will appear in several places. The list of drugs will show a warning underneath any drug that is overdue:

The warning will also show at the top right of the individual drug page:

Note: When not overdue, this message will still be visible, it just won't be red

Finally, there is a warning on the supply, book stock, and correction pages to nudge the user to count the stock when they make the entry:

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