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Temperature log
Temperature log

Easily track the temperature of your dispensary fridge, dispensing area or front shop with temperature logging in Clara.

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To start recording temperatures in Clara you will need to choose "Logs" in the menu then "Temperature log".

When you first open the Temperature log, it will be empty.

If you want to add the locations you want to record temperatures ahead of time, continue to the next section. Alternatively, you can add the locations as you go and jump straight to making an entry.

Adding a location

To add a location click on the "More" button at the top, next to "Add entry" and select "Manage fridges/locations".

This will take you to the Fridges/locations screen. To add one, click the "Add fridge/location" button at the top.

Clicking this button will take you to the screen below.

From here, simply fill in a name for this location (e.g. "Dispensary fridge") and choose whether it's a fridge or a room from the dropdown box.

Normally you would record the temperatures of your fridges, but under certain circumstances, such as if you're doing wholesale or have a particularly warm pharmacy, you might be required to record room temperatures too.

Once you click save, you will see that Clara has added it to the list of locations.

Making an entry

From the Temperature log screen, adding an entry is simple. Click on the "Add entry" button at the top. This will take you to the "Add temperature log entry" screen.


The first step is to select the Fridge/location you are making an entry for. If you have already added your location(s) just click on the box and Clara will show them in a dropdown.

If you haven't already added your location. You can do so now by clicking on the "Add new" option at the bottom of the list of locations. This will show the popover below.

This popover has the same fields as adding a location normally does.

Minimum and Maximum temperature

Here you will enter the minimum and maximum temperatures measured on your thermometer.

Entered by

Select the staff member that is making the entry. If you have already set up your staff members, simply begin typing their name into the box and Clara will show them in a dropdown.

If they haven't already been added you can do so here by clicking the "+ Add" section of the dropdown. Upon doing so you will see a popover with the following fields:

  • Name β€” the staff member's name

  • Position β€” their position (e.g. Pharmacist, Dispenser, Technician)

  • Registration number β€” although optional it is advised that this is entered for any position with one e.g. Pharmacist

Once filled out the added staff member will automatically be selected, and will be available to select in future entries.


In this box, you can add any comments when making the entry. e.g. If the minimum/maximum temperatures fell outside the correct range, make a note of the actions taken to correct them.

The log entry

Once you have entered a temperature recording and clicked "Save" you will be taken back to the Temperature log screen. The entry you added should look similar to the one below.

Filtering the logs

By default, Clara shows all the temperature logs for all locations. To filter the logs, click the "Filters" button at the top, this will show the popover below.

Here you can choose to filter the records by:

  • Location - If you only want to see the temperature records for a specific location.

  • Start date - To view the records since a certain date.

  • End date - To view the record before a specific date.

To view a date range, simply select both a start and end date.

Once you have applied filters you will see that the options at the top have changed slightly. The "Filters" button now displays the number of filters applied.

Changing filters

Clicking on the "Filters" button will allow you to edit the applied filters.

Clearing filters

Once filters have been applied and you want to go back to viewing all of the records, you can clear the filters by clicking the "Clear filters" button at the top right.

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