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Responsible Pharmacist log
Responsible Pharmacist log

Keep track of your responsible pharmacist and log any absences.

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You can now track use Clara to log your Responsible Pharmacist.

To do so, first, choose "Logs" from the menu, then "Responsible pharmacist".

This will bring you to the Responsible pharmacist log.

Creating an entry

To make an entry click on the "Add entry" button at the top. Doing so will bring you to the RP log entry screen.


By default Clara selects the current date as today's date, you can change this by either entering a different date or clicking on the calendar icon and using the date picker.


Here you will select the responsible pharmacist. If they are already set up as a staff member in Clara, simply begin typing their name into the box and Clara will show them in a dropdown.

If they haven't already been added you can do so here by clicking the "+ Add" section of the dropdown. Upon doing so you will see a menu pop up with the following options:

  • Name - The staff member's name

  • Position - This will be Pharmacist in this case

  • Registration number - Although technically optional it is advised that this is entered.

Once filled out the added pharmacist will automatically be selected, and will be available to select in future entries.

Start time

Here you can enter, or use the time picker to choose, the time to start the responsible pharmacist entry.

These 3 fields are the minimum you need to enter to create an entry. Click Save to make the entry.

Note: You only need to specify the start time: you can come back and add the end time and any absences all at the same time later.

The created entry

When an entry is incomplete, you will see that it displays a red clock next to the date. This provides a visual cue to remember to finish off the entry at the end of the day.

Editing RP log entries

To complete the entry for the day, or to add any absences, you will need to edit the entry.

To do so, click on the entry from the list. This will open up the "Edit RP log entry" screen.


To add absences click on the "Add absence" button near the bottom. This will pop up the add absence menu.

Absence start time

By default, Clara suggests that the current time be the start time for the absence. However, you can amend this to be the time you actually leave the pharmacy.

If you like, you can fill in the start time of the absence and save it, then fill in the remaining information later when you return.

Adding a start time without a reason or an end time will, once saved, show similar to the entry below.

Again, this reminds you to finish the absence details when you return.


In the "Reason" box you can explain why you were absent from the pharmacy.

Absence end time

You can leave filling this in until you return to the pharmacy if you want. Once you return, you can enter the end time manually, or use the time picker to make this easier.

Saving the entry with the absence and the reason will update the RP log entry to look similar to the one below.

Multiple absences

You can add additional absences in the same way you entered the original one.

Finishing an entry

To finish the entry and have it no longer marked as ongoing, you will need to set an End time.

End time

End time is where you'll enter the time that you stopped being the responsible pharmacist. Once you have entered this, click "Save" again and the entry will be completed.

Completed entry

Once you have set a start and end time and added any absences, the entry will be complete. You will notice that the red clock icon next to the date has gone โ€” this signifies that the entry is complete.

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