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Private prescription log
Private prescription log

Learn how to use Clara's Private Prescription log and keep track of the private prescriptions you dispense in your pharmacy.

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When you first open your Private prescription log, you will notice that it is empty.

Creating an entry

To get started, click "Add entry" at the top of the log. Doing so will take you to the "Add private prescription register entry" screen.


Here you can enter a reference for this prescription. This reference should be unique to each private prescription.

Repeat number

If the private prescription is a repeat, you can enter the repeat number here.

Prescription date

By default, Clara selects the current date. You can change this by clicking on it and using the date picker to change this to the date the prescriber wrote the prescription.

Note: This is the date on the prescription, not the date it was dispensed. Clara automatically stores the date you create the log entry.


The next step is choosing who the prescription is for. Start by typing the patient’s name into the “Patient” box.

Clara will search through your record of patients and suggest the closest matches.

New patient

If the patient this log entry is for is not in this list, you will need to add them now. Click on the “Add” button at the bottom of the dropdown. Doing so will give you the popover below.

From here, the minimum you need to fill in is the patient’s name and address.

For more information about adding patients, you can check out this article.


When creating the patient, if the prescription is veterinary, you can check the “Animal” box under “Name”.

This will enable another text box where you can enter the animal’s owner’s name.

You will see that when Animal is selected, the details a small cat icon alongside the owner's information.

Existing patient

If you have already supplied a drug to this patient using Clara, or have added them in the Patient Management section, when you begin typing their name Clara will suggest them to you. You will also see their address under their name to allow you to differentiate between multiple patients with the same name. You can use the up and down arrow keys to select items from the list.

Note: If you accidentally click the Add button rather than selecting the patient, don't panic. Click cancel at the bottom of the popover.


The next step is to enter the prescriber's detail for the prescription.

New prescriber

If you haven't dispensed a prescription for this prescriber before, you will need to add them to Clara. To do this, after typing their name in the "Prescriber" box, click the "Add" option at the bottom of the dropdown box. Doing so will bring up the popover below.

You will now check that you have typed the prescribers name correctly and then enter their address in the "Address" box.

Once you are sure these details are correct, click "Save" to add the prescriber. They will now be selected on the private prescription log screen.

Existing prescriber

If you have already dispensed a prescription for this prescriber before type their name, Clara will suggest them in the dropdown box.

Simply click on their name in this list to select them as the prescriber for this private prescription.


To enter the pharmacist's details, simply start typing their name in the box. Clara will filter the dropdown box by the text you have entered.

If you haven't already added the Pharmacist, you can do so by clicking the "Add" button at the bottom of the dropdown; this will bring up the popover below.


Note: If this is a Private CD Prescription, it won't make an entry on your CD Register. You will still need to do that.


You can check this box if the private prescription is a veterinary one. If you selected "Animal" when adding this patient or selected an animal from your patient list, Clara will automatically check this box for you.


Enter the quantity of the drug dispensed on the prescription.


Here you can enter the dosage instructions, e.g. "ONE to be taken as directed."

Drug expiry(optional)

Here you can optionally enter the drug expiry date.

Batch number(optional)

It can be helpful or required to log the batch number of the drug. You can do that by optionally entering it here.

Charge (optional)

You can optionally enter the charge for this prescription. Entering the cost can be handy for auditing purposes, letting you see your income from private prescriptions.

The completed entry

Once you have filled in all the required fields, click "Save". Saving the entry will create an entry similar to the one below.

Editing entries

You can edit any of the private prescription log entries by clicking on them.

Filtering entries

If you want to find log entries for specific drugs or between certain dates, you can use the filtering options in Clara.

To open them click on the “Filters” option at the top next to the “Add entry” button. Doing this will bring up the popover below.


To filter the entries by specific drugs, you can type the name, strength and form in the Drug box.

As you do so, Clara will suggest drugs that match the search terms in a dropdown. When you see the one you want to filter by, click on it to select it.

Start/end dates

You don’t need to specify both of these:

  • Start date only - Will show entries since a specific date

  • End date only - Will show entries before that date

  • Both Start and End date - Will show entries in that date range

Editing applied filters

Once filtered are applied, you will notice that Clara displays a number next to “Filters” in the button.

To edit the filters, click on this button. Clara will then show you with the same popover as above.

Clearing filters

To clear the filters and go back to view all of the log entries, simply click the “Clear filters” button.

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