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Managing services in your appointments module
Managing services in your appointments module

How to add and manage services in your appointments module, set the service type, appointment length and more...

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For patients to be able to book appointments online, or for you to be able to book them in, you need to add services to your appointments diary.

The first step is to click on the Appointments on the menu.

If the screen you land on looks like this, please follow this guide to set up your appointments module first.

Otherwise, you should see your diary looking similar to below.

At the top right of the screen, click the "..." button and select "Manage services".

If some services have been added to your organisation, you should see the screen below.

To add a service click the "Add" button. To edit a current service, simply click on it.

Note: Adding services is for the Organisation as a whole, not just your branch.

On this screen, you will need to fill out:

Service name

This box is the name that will be displayed as the name of the service when you, or the patient, book someone in for it.

Length (minutes)

Enter the length of time you'd like to block out for the appointment.

Appointment type

Some types of services are only possible with in-person meetings, administering vaccinations etc. However, many can be done remotely, either over the phone or by video call.


Your standard appointment type. For when the patient needs to come into the pharmacy (e.g. for a test or injection).


For services that don't require in-person contact with the patient (e.g. a travel advice consultation), you can choose for the appointment to be over the phone.


As with phone appointments, there are many circumstances where you may not need the patient to come into the branch. In this case, you could choose for the patient to have a video appointment. Included with your _Appointments Module_, you get 5 hours of video appointments each month.

You can choose any or all modes for a service as they are applicable.


This section is where you select which diary you would like the service to be available on.

When you click on the "Available on ... diaries" box shown above, you will get a popover menu where you can choose which diaries you wish the service to be available on.

A blue circle with a tick next to the diary means it is selected for that diary; a greyed out checkmark means the service is not selected.

Hide from online booking

You can enable/disable whether patients can book themselves in for services using this option (e.g. you offer a flu vaccine service but don't have any stock of the vaccine left, you could disable the service visibility)

Seasonal appointments

Some services may only be available at certain times of the year, e.g. Flu vaccinations. To solve this, you can use Clara’s Available after/until settings.

If the appointment is available all year round, no need to set the Available after/until.

  • Available after - The date the appointment type will be available after.

  • Available until - The date the appointment will be available until.

Cut off time (optional)

If this appointment has laboratory or postage cut off times, for example, enter the last allowable appointment time for the day.

Cost (optional)

If you have set up a payment method in Clara, you can choose to charge the customer at the time of booking. You can choose whether this is the total amount or a deposit.


The amount you would like to charge the customer when they are booking the appointment.

Total price

Entering the total price allows Clara to calculate the remainder to be charge if they have paid a deposit.

Important information (optional)

In this box, you should put information such as pricing, e.g. If the service costs £10, but if there is an additional charge for extra parts of the service, you will put something similar to "From £10".

Details (optional)

You'll often find that the title for the service isn't quite enough information for the patient. To give the patient more information, you can use the Details box.

This box allows you to add a much longer description detailing the service and who it could be for.

There is no limit on how long these descriptions can be, though we advise not more than 300-400 characters.

Internal notes (optional)

The internal notes section is not visible to patients. Here you can put notes about the appointment type, e.g. if it requires specific equipment.

Overriding diary settings (optional)

Optionally, you can override the diary’s default lead time and bookable period settings.

  • Appointment lead time - override how much notice is required for booking an appointment of this type.

  • Bookable period - change how far in advance a customer can book this appointment type.

Saving the service

Once the above steps have all been completed, click the "Save" button, and Clara will add the service.

Note: Once your service is saved, you can add more by following the same procedure.

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