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Pending entry instalments option
Pending entry instalments option
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It is possible to create instalments directly in Clara, rather than relying on Analyst creating the pending entries correctly.

The first step is to click on CD Register then Pending entries.

If you have a pending entry that you're wanting to dispense in instalments, but has come across as the full amount, you should see something similar to the below.

Creating the instalments

To create the instalments click on the "..." at the right side of the pending entry you wish to create instalments for. From the dropdown menu, choose "Create instalments".

This will take you to the "Create instalments" screen.

By default, Clara splits the instalments over 7 days. Clara has the default options of splitting the entries over 14 days, 28 days and 4 weeks.

Customising instalments

You can change the number of instalments and the split interval using the fields at the top of the instalments screen.

You'll enter the number of instalments in the box on the left. The dropdown next to it allows you to specify the interval of the instalments.

This dropdown has three options, allowing you to select between Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

  • "daily" will make the instalments every day

  • "weekly" will make them 7 days apart

  • "monthly" will make them for the same date in the following months.

Specific dates

If Clara's splitting tools don't fit your needs or you need to dispense the instalments on specific dates, you can.

Clicking the "Specific dates" checkbox above the number of instalments will switch from Clara calculating the dates of the instalments to allowing you to set them manually. You can use the "instalments box" to change the number of instalments to match your needs.

Note: If you change the quantities for the instalments, Clara will warn you at the bottom if the total does not match the original pending entry.

Pickup dates

You will see that each instalment has a pickup date associated with it, by default Clara sets that each instalment will be picked up on the day the instalment is due.

To change this, simply uncheck the box next to "Same day". This will allow you to specify on what day the instalment will be picked up from the pharmacy. By default, Clara will suggest the previous day as the pickup date. This is handy if your pharmacy is closed on certain days, as it will allow you to specify that the drug would be pick up on a day the pharmacy is open. e.g. The pharmacy is closed on a Sunday so the patient would pick up the drug on a Saturday.

Created pending entries

Once you have followed the steps above and clicked "Save", Clara will create the instalments as pending entries.

You will see that the pending entries have been created for future days, making it easy for you to add the entries to the register each day the patient collects the drug.

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