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Setting up your prescriptions module
Setting up your prescriptions module
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The first step to setting up your prescriptions module is clicking on it in the menu.

When you first go to your prescriptions view you will see something like the image below.

Before you can complete the setup, you need to add at least one GP Practice

Adding a GP Practice

To add a practice, click on the "Add practice" button. When you do, you'll see the popover asking for the practice information.


In this box enter the name of the GP Practice i.e. Dr Jones and Partners.


Enter the registered address of the practice

Email (optional)

If the practice is comfortable receiving repeat prescription requests from customers by email, enter their email address here. If an email address is not entered you will still be able to print repeat prescription requests for this practice.

Once you have entered these 3 details click the save button to save the GP practice.

Adding more practices

Repeat the Adding a GP Practice step for each GP practice your branch collects prescriptions from.

Once you've added all the practices, click "Finish" to save the setup. Once saved you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Setting up GP Practice emailing

Clara gives you the option to allow your patients, that are registered on the myClara app, to email their repeat prescription requests directly to their GP Practice. Bypassing the need for you as a pharmacy to deliver the requests to the Practice.

Certain practices don't allow pharmacies to order on behalf of the patient This way the request comes directly from the patient, alleviating this issue.

To set this up, from the screen shown above, click on the "More" button and choose "View emails to practices". This should take you to the screen below.

From here, click on "Set up emails". This will open the Email account settings popover.


This box is where you'll enter the host information for your email service e.g.


Unless otherwise noted, keep this setting as 587. If this is incorrect, some mail servers use 443.


Enter your NHS email address here.


This will be the password for the email account that you entered above.


Some mail servers require the use of TLS on connection. Many modern mail servers automatically upgrade the connection to TLS even when this setting is not selected.

If in doubt, try connecting with this set to off first, if the connection fails then turn it on and retry.


Once all the details above have been entered Clara will test the connection, if the connection is unsuccessful the details will not be saved and you will need to edit them to be correct.

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