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Setting up your myClara patient portal
Setting up your myClara patient portal
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If you use either the Prescriptions or Appointments module, the first thing you'll want to do is set up your myClara patient portal.

To get started, make sure that you have selected settings from the menu.

From here, in the subsequent menu, in the **BRANCH** section, choose "myClara".

If you haven't already set this up you'll see the following screen:

Click on the box to start the setup.

Once clicked, you'll be given a screen asking for you to choose your domain. We suggest this is your branch name, which is what Clara will suggest by default β€” but if that address has already been taken you'll need to choose another one.

Here you can see "mypharmacyaddress" has been chosen so the link to give to customers would be ``.

Once you have chosen the name, click "Save" and myClara is all set up.

Note: Once set, this can't be changed, except if you've made a mistake. Contact support if you need to change it, but bear in mind that if we change it for you the old link won't work anymore.

Your screen should now look like this:

To help you market the service to patients, you can click the "Download flyer" button to download a handy flyer you can have printed to hand out to customers.

You can go through an almost identical process to set a unique domain for your organisation, which can be found in the myClara section under the ORGANISATION heading.

If a patient uses this address, they'll be given the choice of which of your branches to sign up for.

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