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Adding a user to a branch (owner user only)
Adding a user to a branch (owner user only)
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Whether you are wanting to add a branch-level user for the branch you set up when signing up to Clara or chose not to create one when you added another branch, this article will walk you through the steps for creating a new user for the branch.

Firstly switch branch to the branch that you want to add a user for.

If you have just signed up, you should already be on the correct branch. Best to double-check.

From the menu, select the settings option.

From the other menu that shows up, select Users under the BRANCH heading.

If you've never added a branch-level account to the branch you created on signup or chose not to make a user when adding a branch your Users screen for the branch should look like this.

From here, click the "Add user" button to add a user to that branch. When you click this button you will get the pop up below.

Type the email address for the user in this box.

Note: We recommend this is the branch email address and not a personal email address.

When you invite them to become a user they will receive an email from Clara <> similar to the one below:

When they click the link on the email or paste the link into their browser, they will be taken to a page where they fill in their name and password.

Once they have entered these details and clicked "Set password" they will be able to log in with the password they have set.

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