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The myClara patient portal
The myClara patient portal
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The myClara patient portal allows the patients to take advantage of the services a Clara pharmacy has to offer.

When they log into the portal they'll see a screen similar to this:

Depending on the modules you have selected they may not see all of those options.

  • If you have the Appointments module, the patient will be able to book an appointment through myClara

  • If you have the Prescriptions module, the patient will have the option to request their repeat prescriptions


Using the profiles feature on myClara allows the patient to order medication or book appointments on behalf of someone else (e.g. an elderly relative or a child that can't do it themselves).

If they click on the "hamburger" menu at the top they'll see the following options.

By clicking on "Profiles" at the top they'll see the screen below.

This screen allows you to edit the details of existing profiles, as well as add others they order on behalf of.

Adding profiles

If the patient wants to add another profile to their account this is simple and easy.

They click the "+" button at the top right of the profiles screen, this will take them to the add profiles screen.

This allows patients to add additional people to their account, whether they're dependants or otherwise.

In the Name box, they will type the name of the new profile they want to add.

By default, Clara selects the pharmacy that the main profile is registered to.

If this is incorrect, they can easily change this by clicking on the pharmacy name and using the search to find the appropriate pharmacy. To make things easier and endeavour to keep customers registered within your organisation, the search defaults to showing all the branches in your organisation.

The next box is where they'll select their Practice. The options available here will be based on the Practices added by your branch when Setting up your prescriptions module.

Then they'll enter the date of birth for the patient they're adding.

The next step is entering the address. They can speed this process up if the patient's address is the same as one already on their account. Clicking the "Address book" button will bring up a menu with the addresses that are on other profiles.

If the address the patient they're adding is different from any other profiles already added, they can add it manually.

Lastly, the patient will need to enter a phone number to associate with the profile. If it is for a dependant or someone who can't order medication themselves, the patient can use their own mobile number.

Once all of that is completed, they click the "Save" button and the profile will be saved.

Note: When a profile is created myClara will switch to being viewed by that profile

Editing profiles

Clicking on an existing profile on the profiles screen will allow the patient to edit it.

The steps and information required when editing a profile are the same as when adding one above.

Ordering medication

If while on the home screen of the portal the patient clicks on the "Order medication" button, they will be shown the following screen to choose which profile they wish to order the medication for.

If there is only one profile, myClara will automatically select that one.

If they haven't ordered a repeat prescription using myClara before they will see "Nothing to show" with a "Add item" button below it. Clicking the "Add item" button will take them to the screen where they can add the prescription items.

This features a smart search, which allows the patient to type in the full name of the medication, or abbreviate it e.g. "Para 500 caps" for "Paracetamol 500mg capsules".

As they type, the list below the box will update to show the most relevant items at the top.

After choosing the drug from the list they will be taken back to the "New order" screen, which will now show the medication they selected.

If the patient has more medication to order, they can do so now by clicking the "Add item" button and using the drug search again.

If the patient wants to add notes to their doctor they can do so by clicking "Add notes for the doctor".

This box is where they can give extra information to the doctor e.g. they're going on holiday so need to request additional.

Once they press the "Place order" button, the order will be placed and sent to your prescriptions module. You will also receive a notification in the top right corner of Clara when someone places an order.

When an order is placed, the patient will also receive an email acknowledging their order and confirming that the order has been placed.

Viewing prescription order status

Using the myClara patient portal the patient can view the up to date status of their prescription order. Alleviating the need for phoning the branch to see if their prescription is ready to collect.

If they click on the "hamburger" menu at the top they'll see the following options.

From this menu they can check on the status of their orders by clicking "Prescription orders" they'll see the screen below.

You can see the 3 different statuses of prescription orders in the image above.

  • New - Arrived at the pharmacy but hasn't been sent to the GP Practice yet.

  • Requested - Has been sent to the GP Practice to be processed.

  • Dispensed - You have dispensed the medication and it is now ready for collection.

From this screen, the patient can also order their repeat medication by clicking on the "+" button at the top and following the steps detailed above.

Book an appointment

Patients can also book appointments using the myClara patient portal. To do this they simply click on the "Book an appointment" button. When they do so they will see the list of services that the pharmacy branch they're registered at offers.

Once they have selected the appointment type, they will see the screen below.

myClara will default to booking the appointment for whoever the currently active profile is. If they wish to change that then all they need to do is click on the name and select the correct profile from the menu that pops up.

They can select an existing profile or, by following the steps above, add a new profile to their myClara account.

Once they have selected the profile, the next step is to choose the time of the appointment. If they wish to change the date of the appointment they're booking they can use the "<" and ">" arrows to recede or advance the calendar.

After picking their appointment time, the patient will be able to check that they've selected the correct time.

If they have selected the incorrect time they can click on "Change" to go back to cancel the selection and select the correct time.

After choosing their appointment time they will see a text box below that asking them to enter any optional information. This can be used for them to say why they're booking the appointment or any other information they may feel the pharmacy branch needs to know.

Once these steps have been followed, the patient can click the "Book appointment" button.

Upon clicking the "Book appointment" button an appointment will be created on your calendar and the patient will receive an email notification that the appointment has been booked.

Upcoming appointments

When the patient logs into myClara they'll instantly see on the home screen if they have any upcoming appointments.

From the menu at the top, patients can also choose "Appointments". This will show them their past and future appointments.

They can also book an appointment from this screen. They can do this by clicking on the "+" button and following the steps detailed above.

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