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Returned CD register
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Recording your returned CDs is easy with Clara.

The first step is selecting Returned CDs from the menu. Click on CD Register, then in the menu underneath select returned CDs.

When you first open your Returned CD register you won't have any entries and will see a screen similar to this.

Booking in returned CDs

From this screen click the "Add entry" button in the top right. When you do you will see the menu below.

Date received

By default, Clara selects the current date as the date the returned drugs were received. You can change the date manually, or by clicking the calendar icon at the right side of the box you can use the date picker.


The next step is to select the drug. Start by entering the name and strength of the drug, Clara will then suggest matching drugs from the database.

If you cannot find the drug you are looking for, you may need to be more specific.

e.g. if searching for "morphine 10mg/ml ampules", you may need to enter "morphine 10mg ampules".

To choose the drug from the dropdown simply click on it. When you do so you'll be able to see the drug you selected.

If you selected the wrong drug, click on it again to remove it and start this section again.


Next, you'll need to select the patient that the drug was originally prescribed to. Start typing their name into the search box

If you haven't added the patient to Clara before, click the "+ Add" at the bottom of the dropdown. When you do the Create patient menu will pop up.

On this menu, the only required information is the patient's name and address.

Address auto-fill

To save time and ensure accuracy, Clara has the ability to auto-fill the address details in for you.

Start by typing the patient's address into the address box with the magnifying glass symbol next to it. When you start typing you will see suggestions in a dropdown menu.

When you click on the correct address from the dropdown, Clara will auto-fill the boxes underneath.

You can still enter the address manually if you would rather, by filling out the address boxes underneath the search.


Enter the quantity of the drug that has been returned, once it has been counted.

Stock taken in and counted by

As with standard entries to the controlled drug register you have to select a staff member for the entry.

If you have already set up your staff members, simply begin typing their name into the box and Clara will show them in a dropdown.

Adding a staff member

If that staff member hasn't already been added you can do so here by clicking the "Add" section of the dropdown. Upon doing so you will see a menu pop up with the following options:

  • Name - The staff member's name

  • Position - Their position (e.g. Pharmacist, Dispenser, Technician)

  • Registration number - Although optional it is advised that this is entered for any position with one e.g. Pharmacist.

Once filled out the added staff member will automatically be selected, and will be available for future entries.

Originally dispensed by

It can be good to keep a note of which pharmacy dispensed the drug. For this reason, Clara allows you to enter the details of the dispensing pharmacy in the "Originally dispensed by" box.

If the drug was originally dispensed by you, then there's no need to add any details here.

Created record

Below you can see an example of the entry that will be created after completing the above steps.

Registering the Destruction

Once you have recorded the return of a controlled drug, and wish to destroy it, click the Destroy button at the top.

Doing so will show the screen to register the destruction of controlled drugs.

Date destroyed

By default Clara inputs the current date as the date of the destruction.

Pending destructions

The Pending destructions section is where you choose which drugs, out of the ones already entered in the first part of this guide, you are destroying.

Initially, all the pending destructions will be shown unselected. If you are destroying all of the returned CDs in the list you can click on the "all" text to quickly select them all, or if you've accidentally selected them all you can deselect all of them using the "none" next.

To select individual drugs for destruction, click on them. You'll see the grey checkmark change to a blue circle with a white checkmark in it.

Destroyed by

As with the Stock taken in and counted by mentioned above, simply start by typing the name of the person destroying the drug into the box and select the staff member.

If you haven't already added a staff member, follow the steps above to do so.

Witnessed by

As with Destroyed by above, simply start by typing the name of the person destroying the drug into the box and select the staff member.

If you haven't already added a staff member, follow the steps above to do so.

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