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Finding patient details
Finding patient details
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Firstly, in the menu select "Patients".

Here you'll see a filterable list of all the patients that you've entered details for into Clara.

When you start typing into the "Filter Patients by name or address" box the list will dynamically change to match what you're typing.

You can filter patients by either their name

Or their address

Once you have found your patient you can click on them to view their details.

Depending on what modules you have subscribed to, you'll have various options in the menu on the left.

Controlled Drugs History

If you click the "Controlled drugs" section you can see pending entries for this patient, as well as any recent supplies to them.

Repeat Prescriptions

If you click the "Prescriptions" section you can see if they have ordered any repeat prescriptions to be dispensed.

This screen also allows you to add or edit the drugs that the patient can request repeat prescriptions for through the myClara patient portal.


The appointments section allows you to see any past or upcoming appointments for the patient. It also lets you book new appointments for that patient.

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