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To start using the handover log, you will need to select it in the menu. You can find it in the menu in the Logs section.

Clicking on this will open up the handover log.

Handover tasks

Handover tasks are tasks that you should do regularly, e.g. “Backup the PMR” or “Take out the bins”.

To keep the log entries concise, we recommend you have a maximum of 3-4 handover tasks.

Managing handover tasks.

Click on the “...” button at the top, next to “Add entry”. Then select “Manage handover tasks” from the dropdown. Clicking this option will take you to the handover tasks screen.

Here you will see all of the created handover tasks for your branch.

Adding a task

To add a task, click the “Add task” button at the top. You will now see the “Create handover tasks” screen.


Enter the name of the task here; this is the name that will show on the entries.


You can optionally add in some details about the task, e.g. “To be done Monday & Thursdays.” These details will be shown below the title of the task, as a brief description.

Adding an entry

From the Handover log screen, click “Add entry” at the top to add an entry. Doing so will take you to the “Create handover log entry” screen.


Here you can add notes for the next shift, e.g. someone coming in the next day for their prescription.

Entered by

As with all entries in Clara, you need to select who is making the entry.


In this section, you will see the handover tasks that you created by above the steps above.

If you have completed one of these tasks, click on it to select it. The grey checkmark will change to a blue circle with a checkmark in it.

The completed entry

Once you click “Save” on the entry, you will be taken back to the Handover log and will see your entry at the top.

Filtering entries

If you want to find log entries for specific task completions or between certain dates, you can use the filtering options in Clara.

To open them click on the “Filters” option at the top near the “Add entry” button. Doing this will bring up the popover below.

Filter by task

When you click on the "Completed task" box, you will see a list of all the Handover tasks that could have been completed.

To filter the list by one of these tasks, click on it in the dropdown. This will filter the list, only showing entries when this task was completed.

Start/end dates

You don’t need to specify both of these:

  • Start date only: Will show entries since a specific date

  • End date only: Will show entries before that date

  • Both Start and End date: Will show entries in that date range

Editing applied filters

Once filtered are applied, you will notice that Clara displays a number next to “Filters” in the button.

To edit the filters, click on this button. Clara will then show you with the same popover as above.

Clearing filters

To clear the filters and go back to view all of the log entries, simply click the “Clear filters” button.

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