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Exporting/backing up your CD Register
Exporting/backing up your CD Register
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You can export your CD register easily with Clara.

Firstly make sure that you're on the drugs screen on your CD register by clicking the button in the menu shown below.

If the drug you wish to export the record for isn't visible in your CD register straight away you can scroll down to it or begin typing the drug name into the "Filter drugs by name or form" box. Clara will filter your list of added drugs as you type. Once you see the one you wish to export the record for click on it.

If you still can't find the drug after searching for it you may not have added or transferred it across from your old register. In this case please follow the steps detailed in this article first.

After selecting your drug. On the right side of the screen next to the "Add entry" button, there is another button with "..." on it. Click this button to show the dropdown menu.

From the dropdown menu click "Download/export".

On the next screen, you may see a list of different backups, each one will have details as to whether it was created as an automatic backup or manually created. Clara automatically creates backups every night, as long as there have been more entries since the last backup. These backups are stored in a different place to the database, for your peace of mind.

Creating an Up to date backup

If none of the items on the list displays the "Up to date" badge, i.e., if you've made entries since the last automatic backup, you'll need to create an up to date export of your register. To do this, click the "Create" button at the top right of the screen.

Once you have an "Up to date" record, click on it in the list. This will download a PDF of all entries for this drug, formatted as a traditional paper CD register. You shouldn't need to print it out. But if you do for whatever reason, it works best on landscape A4 paper.

Note: The exported PDF file contains sensitive data. Ideally, you should store it on an encrypted drive, and never email it or transfer it in an insecure way.

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