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The prescription workflow
The prescription workflow
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This guide will walk you through the process from receiving a prescription order from a patient through myClara, all the way to dispensing the order to the patient.

New prescription request

When you receive a repeat prescription request you'll receive a notification in Clara. Clicking on this notification will take you to the details of that prescription.

You can get to the prescriptions section by clicking on Prescriptions in the menu.

The repeat prescription request:

Processing the requests

At the top right of the screen, you will see the "Print" button. When you click on this you will get the print dialog, with each prescription request on a separate page.

Once printed you will see a dialogue asking whether to change their status from "New" to "Requested". The patient will receive an email updating them that their prescription has been requested from the practice.

Your next task is to deliver those requests to the appropriate practices.

You will notice that, once you mark the prescription as "Requested", the icon next to it will change from blue to yellow.

Note: As you can see above, if there are no new prescription requests to print, the "Print" button will be greyed out.

Dispensing the requests

Once you have received the prescriptions back from the practice, dispense them as you normally would.

To update them on Clara, and update the patient you can either use the search/filter function at the top. Simply start typing the name of the patient into the box to find their request.

Once you have found the correct request click on the "..." at the right side of the request and select "Mark as dispensed".

Note: If you don't have all the stock to dispense the prescription don't mark it as Dispensed in Clara until you do. The patient will be notified by email and will expect to be able to pick it up.

Once marked as dispensed the prescription request will disappear from the request list.

However, you can still see past prescription requests by finding the patient and selecting the prescriptions options from their menu.

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