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Editing branch details
Editing branch details
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To edit the branch details, first click on settings in the menu.

From here you'll see the settings screen. In the sidebar, in the sub-section marked "BRANCH" click on "Details".

You'll be taken to the settings for the current branch:


This is the name of your branch, which will show in the branch switcher and in the myClara website and apps.

Search settings

The next option you will see is whether the branch is discoverable on myClara. We recommend you turn this setting on as this will allow patients to find your branch when signing up for a myClara account, allowing them to take advantage of the prescription ordering and appointments modules you may have enabled.


If this hasn't already been entered, here is where you'll enter in the branch phone number. This will allow customers to contact your branch and see the branch phone number through myClara.


Input the branch address in the boxes. We recommend that you complete the address fully. This will help patients find and identify your branch when searching in myClara, and will also be used on the repeat prescription request forms and emails.

Save button

Once you have filled in all the details, click the save button at the bottom and the branch details will be updated.

Note: If you have made no changes the save button will be greyed out

Owner-level accounts

To see all your branches in an owner-level account, find the "Branches" link under the "ORGANISATION" heading in the settings sidebar:

From here you'll see all of the branches you've added.

To edit the details of a branch, click on it. When you do so you'll be taken to the branch details screen as above.

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