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Adding another branch
Adding another branch

Follow these simple steps to add another branch to you Clara organisation.

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The first step to adding additional branches is clicking on the settings button in the menu.

Clara menu with settings selected

From here, under the "ORGANISATION" heading click on "Branches".

On this page you will see the branch you signed up as, as well as any other branches you have added.

Adding the branch

From here, to add a branch, click on the "+ Add branch" button at the top. When you do so you'll see the "Add branch" screen.

Branch name

In the "Name" box, type the name and identifier of the branch.

Note: If the branch is "displayed on myClara" this will be the name shown to the patient.


Address search

To make this process quicker, Clara features an address search function.

Start typing the address of the branch into the "Search for an address" box. Clara will start suggesting possible address matches. When you see the correct one, click on it and Clara will fill in the boxes below.

Manual address entry

If you would rather you can enter the address manually then you can do so using the "Line 1", "Line 2", "Town" and "Postcode".

Phone number

In the "Phone number" box, enter the branch phone number. This should be the number customers would use to contact the branch on.

Creating a user for the branch

While not required, it is highly recommended that you create individual users for each branch, both for security reasons and to minimise the risk of staff accidentally making entries on records on the wrong branch.

Enter the "User's name" in the box, we suggest this be the same as the branch name entered above.

Then enter an email address for the user, this will usually be the email address for the branch.

Once you have done all of the above click the "Add" button at the bottom.

This will take you back to the Branches page, where you'll see the branch you just added.

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