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First steps

So you've made the decision to use Clara, welcome! Find out what to do next and get started using Clara.

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So you've made the decision to use Clara, welcome!

The account that is created on registration is an owner-level account. This type of account has access to view and edit all branch/user information in Clara.

For GDPR reasons and to help prevent entries from being made on the incorrect branch's register, you will want to create separate users for each branch. Therefore, your first step after registering for an account should be:

  1. Add a new user for the branch created on registration

    • This will create a user that can only view that branch, reducing the chance of creating entries on the registers of the incorrect branch.

    • This is also worth doing if you only have a single branch, as this prevents anyone other than you from changing any of the Organisation level settings.

    • We highly recommend that you use the function to create users for each of the branches when adding them. This will save repeating step 1.

Appointments module

If you have taken the Appointments module, for one or many of your branches please follow the Setting up your appointments module guide for each of them.

Prescription module

If you've taken the Prescriptions module, you will need to follow the Setting up your prescriptions module guide for each of the branches.

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